Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey all, randomness

I hate figuring out what to write in the first post of a blog. But, gotta start somewhere. So, this is going to be my personal/writing blog. Posts will be a mix of interesting stuff I find while doing research, personal stuff, tidbits from some of my writing, and links to published stuff.

Right now, my writing is divided into 'personal projects' (fiction and fun stuff I hope to sell/publish one day) and 'professional writing' (non-fiction stuff I get paid for).

So, for something interesting and odd, here are a few things I turned up doing research for a Mongolian steampunk story.

It turns out, Mongolian shamans have a thing for blue. They also wear lots of metal. I can't find a good creative commons licensed pic, but take a scan of a Google image search on Mongolian shaman Turns out the main spirit/diety in Mongolian shamanism is Tengri - the great/endless sky.

Mongol bowmen are rightfully famous, and it just didn't feel right to replace their bows with guns, even in a Steampunk world. So I went searching. While it isn't intended as Steampunk, it think with a little tweaking this recurved hunting bow could be a great part of a Steampunk persona. Sorry I couldn't get a bigger picture.

So, yeah. Random insanity, occasional tidbits, maybe a few recipes. Stop in now and then and see what's up.

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