Current Projects

I have three large writing projects that take up most of what free time I have. Plus my freelance work.

Mongolian Steampunk -
A group of adventurers is sent to find the last descendant of Genghis Khan. Gathered together by a reclusive sect of Tantric monks, five scions of rival clans follow ancient clues in hopes that revealing the hidden heir can prevent a civil war. But finding the heir creates more problems than it solves, when they discover that the lost heir of the Great Khan is a barbarian warlord in rebellion against the Mongol Empire. If they can convince the heir to take up his heritage, they might have to fight the entire Empire to get him on the throne of his ancestors. 

Set in an alternate history where the Yuan dynasty never died out and the Mongols continued to rule China (and most of Asia).

My Mistress (working title) -

When a cruel fae lord takes his sister, a desperate man seeks out a fae lady who is the enemy of his enemy and offers the only thing he has for her help – himself. The lady accepts his offer, and he finds himself an initiate of a strange world where pain is pleasure, cruelty is love, and nothing is as it seems. As the man learns to navigate this new society, his Mistress seeks to fulfill her part of the bargain and free his sister. Unknown to them, the man's sister has become a willing ally to the lord. By freeing her, they unwittingly bring their enemy into their very home. Only by giving himself fully to his new life and cutting off all ties with his past, can the man hope to stop the avalanche his quest has started.
Erotic fantasy plot for a webcomic a friend and I will hopefully be able to get off the ground in the (relatively) near future.

Space Opera RPG - Table top RPG that mixes fantasy and sci-fi in a universe of werewolves, FTL spaceships, oppressive empires and soul sucking gaki

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