Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Finds: Weregeek

Welcome to the first Friday Finds. Similar to Follow Friday on Twitter, from now on every Friday I will be sharing a webserial, comic or blog that I think is worth following. Most of what you find here will range across the sci-fi/fantasy spectrum, but every once in a while you may find a surprise.


by Alina Pete

Alina has been posting this gem for nearly six years now. I'm always a bit surprised it isn't more well known, because Alina is an awesome artist who tells great stories. Yet somehow even my best friend who introduced me to half the webcomics I follow hadn't heard of Weregeek until I introduced her. Ah well, if you are a gamer and this is the first time you've heard of Weregeek, you are in for 6 years worth of fun. If you aren't a gamer, you'll probably enjoy it anyway, especially if you enjoy sci-fi action, fantasy craziness, and random vampire politicking.

Weregeek follows the adventures of Mark, a fledgling geek, whose life gets turned a bit upside down when he gets dragged into a Vampire LARP with no warning of what he is getting into. He's soon a regular with one of the local gaming groups.

The main plot line of the comic follows Mark's life as he tries to balance geekdom with his regular life (and a non-geek girlfriend), side plots include comic versions of the games Mark and his friends play, including Shadowrun, D&D, and the Vampire LARP. While other forms of geekery don't figure as prominently as the gaming, they do crop up on a regular basis. And you will see the character's debating and reacting to every new film, game and remake Alina can fit in.

Heavy on the humor (always a plus) with solid storylines and good art. I love this thing, and I hope you will too.

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If you already read Weregeek, drop a line in the comics about why you like it.